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Yeah I'm double-posting today. I did want to say that I'm still making progress on the whole commerce solution for the games. The whole "click the game you want and enter your coupon code then click the 'buy' button then click the 'paypal me all your money' option and then get sent an email telling you where to download it" part is about 75% done.

I got to the "send the user an email" part, and I realized that I need to send the user a name/unlock-code pair. Which means that I've got to generate that code in PHP that can then be verified in the game. It's mostly done. Just some testing. Lots of string-massaging to come up with a reasonably secure code. Thankfully both PHP and ActionScript have pretty good string handling.

It's not the most secure scheme around, but hopefully it'll at least discourage rampant piracy a bit. Since the code-base of the game is in Flash, I'm not gonna bother with the "play for 60 minutes" version that's become the norm. I'm gonna put a level/music/animation-limited version right on the site with a big ad saying "If you like this and want the super-uber-fancy-shmancy version, click the buy-it-now button and it's yours.
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