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Let's all go to the lobby

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And buy ourselves some high-grade plutonium.

I've added the simple docking system to Amazing Future Project; you can now dock with ships and see what they look like. Eventually you will be able to load your cargo bay with lovely commodities and load your upgrade bay with high quality assault weaponry, gadgets and alternate paint jobs.

I've also started working on RavOS, a microkernel operating system to get me in shape before I start my operating systems course next semester. It's not much to look at, but it's home:

I doubt it will ever get to a usable release, but if it does you will be the first to know.

Also, I've rejigged my website a hell of a lot, now that I have gotten some feedback from the Japanese and some fanboys of Freezer 2. There's now a film strip at the top of the front page that shows you thumbnails from my most recent games, and the site is now project-centric rather than download-centric (downloads are listed on the project page). Also, you can comment on each project.

There's probably other stuff I hacked in there, but I've forgotten most of it. I think my website CMS is the most useful chunk of code I've ever written... maybe I should try licensing it out.

Has anyone played with the Freezer 2 editor yet? Foobar the Int did, and produced a map of Dr. Questy (based on my profile icon).

I wrote a quick hack to make a thumbnail of the map: Here it is.

Freaky. Thanks, Foob.

PS: The rest of the map (other than Questy) was my original level for Freezer 2. As you can see, it's huge (almost 4x bigger than the one I shipped) and wasn't full of much interesting content. I think focusing down to the new map was a better idea.

To convince you, here's a thumbnail of the map that shipped with the game.
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OS Development, aided in my learning of assembly, decent learning experiance, good way to waste time, at least I got to a good stopping point.

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