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Civ 3...

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I've been playing alot of Civilization 3 lately. Yes, Civ 3, not Civ 4.

If you were to see the games on my computer, they would consist of old games, alot of demos, freeware games, 2. HL2 is the most recent PC game I have.

I found Civ 3 a month ago for $0.47! Ofcourse this was on, so it actually cost about $5 to buy because of shipping and handling.

The game is very addictive. I've always thought how great a game about conquering the World would be, I'm suprised I've never played any of the Civ games before this. I know that Conquering the world isn't the only way to win a game of Civilization 3, but it's my favorite method[smile].

I usually play the game by building up a massive invasion force and pretty much destroying everybody else. However, I was playing on the easiest difficulty before, where all your enemies are weaklings who can be conquered very easily. Now I'm playing on normal and fighting a tough war with the Chinese!

It's interesting because the game feels like you're playing some sort of virtual board game, which is something I've always thought is a good feel for a game.

So yeah, I'm going to get Civilization 4 soon. The first step was finding out if it worked on my computer, and it does(judging from the demo). However, I believe it does run slower on my computer than it should.

On a completely unrelated note, I am starting a new game project. It will be 2D and in space. That is all I'm going to say, because talking about my game ideas before I actually start implementing them seems to be a fatal flaw. So that's about it, screenies should follow soon.
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