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The power of Newton....

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I've been working on this all night...I finally figured out why the physics on streetside objects was crashing, and fixed it...and now I've got all kinds of physics back into the game.

I'm implementing a new "entity" system....it's coming along very nicely if I do say so :-) I'll go into detail about it tommorow...

These videos show the power of the Newton physics engine....all the videos were shot with 19,000 streetside objects throughout the city, 1,000s of vehicles/actors in the city, and a 100,000+ triangle world collision model. I've got a pretty mid-range computer (2.8Ghz, ATI X700, 512 RAM), and it ran like butta' when I wasn't recording the videos :-)

All the videos are pretty cool IMO, but if you're only going to watch a few...check these two out....you have to see this in motion [grin] The framerates in the videos are a little funky, I had to tweak them after recording because of the video software I used.
Tire Physics (2.6 MB)
Wood Pallet Physics (3.6 MB)

Here's more if you're interested...
Barricade Physics (30.3 MB)
Box Physics (7.3 MB)
Wood Pallet Physics 2 (3.3 MB)
Box Physics 2 (7.3 MB)

Aaaaand screenshots of the videos:

I've also SOLVED my alpha testing problem...so now fences/trees appear correctly, thanks to those who replied in the thread I created.

More stuff coming up soon...I'm making a ton of progress right now.

- Dan
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*laughs* Great looking physics man. Love the demo reels. I also find it halarious that your 'gangsta's' are still bustin caps while your fiddling around... The gangster in the pallet demo looks like a world war II hero, Runing into a blazing stream of gunfire, stand there, and poping a few back.

Great work.


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Good choice in using Newton -- I've found it to be a very powerful physics lib as well in my projects/experiments. :)

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