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Early Trees

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I'm creating a new "Entity" system that will handle physics/rendering of everything from....trees, mailboxes, tires, boxes, etc. I'm creating a little scripting system to work with it as well...now go look at the physics videos I posted in my last entry...they're aweosme [grin] I'm quite happy with how the physics engine is working out.

Here's a image of how the new trees look in game....I'm going to have close to 20 different tree models, so everything should look unique. As you can tell I've fixed the alpha testing problems, and I think these trees really work well with the shadow maps I just put in the game. I've also got fences, and about 30 other "entities" into the game already.

- Dan
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The hardy urban tree, tough enough to survive in an all-concrete environment! [smile]

Those trees do look very nice (apart from the whole "growing out the sidewalk" look of the one in the second picture). Very impressive, especially with the shadowing.

The sky also looks a bit better with clouds in it too; I hadn't seen that before.

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Hooah, is that the light shining on some of the leaves, if yes it looks awesome! Great looking trees by the way, did you by them off the web or did you contract somebody to do them? How many tris are they?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Just wanted to say I'm a big fan! Been checking the progress each week or so, but didn't see the "comments" section until now. Keep up the good work! You're living the dream

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Nice work.
How did you create the trees?
They are looking really nice.

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