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I was playing a little with an old and broken digital camera (a HP Photosmart 735) and make it an IR camera, as detailed here.
Now, my camera basically works, but being broken (can't take pictures because of an idiotic software bug, and it takes a lot of tries until I can make it pull it's lens out, a problem common with the HP cameras) I couldn't test it too much, only watched the LCD screen and used a remote control as an IR source. I'll have to see if I want to buy a crappy working camera to make a real working IR camera or not.

Other than that, I spent a lot of my time working at EL, but not programming but seeing what the people think about the cooldowns, deleting threads and messages where people were bitching about it, and so on.
There is another really nasty bug in EL, which I can not comment on until it's fixed. We believe we might know what is causing it and we should fix it tomorrow, but we are not sure yet if it works or not. There is only one player (AFAIK) that has the skills to exploit that bug, but it is possible that others might discover it too (or already discovered, just not reported it).
More details when it is fixed for sure.

One last thing, today we went to see The Chronicles of Narnia, which was a pretty good movie. Really nice special effects, and the story was good too, which I can not say about Harry Potter.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


While at fixing stuff, try to fix the bug that allowes persons without animal nexus 5 summon chimerans and fluffies..

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Just to ask. Judging by the deleting/locking threads & banning people from the Eternal Lands forums, you probably don't have a lot of friends on the forum.

My questions: Do you play Eternal Lands just for the fun of it?
If so do you hide who you are from other players?

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We fixed some bugs related to summoning, but right now we have to fix this bug first because it's very bad (if people discover how to abuse it we'll have to do a rollback). So the other not so big bugs will be fixed later on.

As for me being unpopular on the forums, well, tell me one big forum admin that is popular with everyone :) You won't find such a thing. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, not try to be friends with everyone.

I don't play EL because I don't have time to play it. Other devs do play it though, but I just decided it will be unfair for me to play it, even with a char with no admin privileges.

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