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Macrodobe casualties

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I noticed their press-release regarding their product acquisitions. Not surprisingly, Freehand (Illustrator competition) and Contribute (second-tier web editor) are going to be placed into their "Print and Classic Publishing Solutions Business Unit", which is the same place where PageMaker and FrameMaker live. In other words, it'll still be available for people who still want it, but you'd better not hold your breath for an update that does anything other than change the logo in the about-box.

One product that has no mention at all is Fireworks, which is rather a damn shame. I assume any "where can I get Fireworks" questions will be answered with "you should get Photoshop LE", even though Fireworks is a better product. Ultimately, though, PSP X is better than both of 'em, so it affects me very little.

No mention of FlashPaper either, which is rather a shame. I really liked FlashPaper. It was a gizmo that worked very similarly to Acrobat, except it gave you the option to create either a PDF or a SWF from your text documents. Maybe the next Acrobat will have a SWF-creation option, but probably not.

No mention of Director either. I assume they're gonna have to make some mention of it sooner or later. There's just too much shockwave content out there for them to just pretend it never existed. Wouldn't surprise me if they're looking for a buyer.

Weirdest thing I've seen is Adobe's new Uber-Bundle that combines Adobe's Creative Suite and Macromedia Studio. And you can get an upgrade here. The upgrade, however, is $900 and requires you to already own both products. Best I can tell, for your $900 they send you a big box that's large enough to hold all of the manuals. I guess it's for people who bought $2,000 worth of software two years ago and didn't bother to upgrade any of it. Lotsa them out there I'm sure.
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