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Double posting again

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Everytime I have something to say, something else trumps it.

If you remember a few days ago, I got called by Fox News in a rather pathetic attempt to trump up their "war on Christmas" shtick. Basically they wanted me to come on-screen to defend something that happened a year ago and pretend that it happened more recently.

Well, they did pretty-much the same thing again, only this time they went after someone with a little wider viewership than little old me, and the result was absolutely brilliant. . .

Watch this.

Nobody is better at calling someone a bottomless douchebag without actually saying it than Comedy Central.

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The Daily Show played a clip of Bill O'Reilly whining about a Comedy Central bit with a newswoman "attacking" Christmas. John Stewart then invited the newswoman to come on so they could figure out together when that clip actually aired. She walked in the studio with the zinger being that she was clearly 8-9 months pregnant. After a little more joking around, she pointed out that the clip must be a year old, as her hair was a slightly different color.

What then followed was about five minutes of John Stewart saying in not so many words that Fox News's attempt to manufacture news is going beyond pathetic.

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