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DirectX 10

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Right, I've been a bit quiet the last few days... The more interesting reason is that after seeing this post I decided to get my head down and finish some Direct3D 10 articles I was working on. Obviously, until I knew it was going to be public I didn't want to talk about it...

I suppose now that it's public I can talk about it - us MVP's have had access to various D3D10 resources for a few months now. I've got pages and pages and pages of notes from various presentations, specifications and from an earlier version of the DX10 CTP.

All with the aim of getting some material ready for you guys [grin]

I have 2 articles pretty much finished, and then a draft of a 3rd one. As far as usable source code - I've got bits-n-pieces, but none of it that has much value over that provided officially.

I'm gonna take a bit of time to kick-back and make sure that the articles are ready, but I'll let you guys know [smile]
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