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Colorful screwdrivers

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My wife and I have been in the same house the past 8 years now. Some of the rooms have not been repainted since we got in and the basement room is scheduled for a repaint before the new year. We repaint a room every 2 years on average and every time I forget something in the process. Last time, I forgot that little wooden stick to stir the paint. As I cursed myself, I noticed the screwdriver I used seconds ago to pry open the paint can. It was already in my good hand and looked suspiciously like a paint stirrer, and it was a convenient tool. Needless to say, I ended up with a colorful screwdriver. Ahhhh! The joy of painting...

That brings me to the topic of the day. I have been debugging someone else's code for the past week. I'm talking professional game development studio stuff here. I don't normally type code as part of my day job, but this time lack of available resources forced me back into my old shoes. As I analyze the sources, I noticed that good portions were cut & pasted from other games and some of the portions were either hacked or disabled. I found a bug in that C&P code. In fact, I found ALL the bugs in a single debug session. Well, you guessed it. That buggy code was copied all over the place, and you could see the desparate attempts here and there to try to fix them. And each bug was fixed differently, as if there were different programmers assigned to those bugs. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! It's the colorful screwdriver paradigm all over again. The pressure to deliver on time forces you to make stupid decisions and modern IDEs only make it very easy. It's called {--drums--} Cut & Paste. It's very convenient, but it's by far the BEST bug propagation tool ever developped!!
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Heh. It's a problem for us lowly hobbyists, too. My code is rife with C&P, and I shudder to think of the bugs... Good Lord, the BUGS! That have been sown like so many handfuls of thistle seed.

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Heh heh. I've got a translation routine for tilebase games that studies a tile's neighbors and generates an index into a list of transition tiles, that I wrote over ten years years ago and still use. Luckily, it worked right from the start because I would hate to debug it now. [grin]

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I think thats part of the problem, not the copy & paste method of programming but improper testing of the code in the first place. Code re-use is great but it requires more thought than "ahhh, we did that here."

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