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More physics

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I'm wrapping up the new "Entity" stuff I've been writing. I'm about to add some new artwork into the game...and create some new scenes for the city.

I've also gotta get real time reflections and some kind of glow effect (HDR maybe?) into the game in the next few days.

Here's a screenshot of my latest physics tests. I can press a button and any type of entity is spawned (there are all kinds of "types", streetside, storage, trees, weapons, etc.). This is going to look cool when I can press a button and a pile of 100s of guns appears all with physics and will be amazing :-)

Be sure to check out the videos I posted a few entrys back, showing the physics in motion!

Here's what I got now.

- Dan
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Neat pile of weapons! Do I see an RPG? ;-)

By the way, would you mind losing a few words about the police? Will police cars patrol the streets? Will they act the more aggressively the more powerfull your gang is? Are we going to see some cool police strategies (blockades) and special police units (SWAT, choppers) the higher the bounty is? Think GTA and NFS:MW. Can you bribe the police chief which would, for example, lower the bounty on your gang members.

How will you interact with the other gangs? The title of your game is "Gang War" for a reason and I'm sure you dont want us to waste those cool weapons by fighting only with the police (AI) so I guess we can expect some nice violent conflict? Nevertheless it would be great if some kind of diplomatic communication with the other gangs would be possible. Forming an allicance to cripple a third gang would be fun. Add a game mode for online play where you can choose your team in contrast to the Free-For-All gameplay. I'll let you decide if an allicance means for than just a no-attack agreement.

Some other thought, since you said you will be working on the water graphics one of these days: will you incorporate water vehicles? It sure would add something. Of course this means you'll have to make sure the actors (gang members, police officers) know how to swim (or not :D).

Yeah, that would be it for now. Congratulations on the progress you're making these days! Feel free to comment on what I said.

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You seriously need to have weapon spawning as a cheat! I can just see all hell breaking loose as crowds of civilians join in the fray, raiding the pile of weapons to defend themselves against the gangs (OR "the man", hehehe).

BTW, when do you think Gang War will be ready to play?

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