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Resurrecting Bobo

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Today I decided to finally resurrect my "Adventures of Bobo" game I made a couple of years ago so I could polish it up and submit it to GDS. The first thing I had to do was get it compiling in VC++ .NET 2k3 since it was originally made in VC++ 6... Then, I fixed a bunch of bugs. It's freaking SCARY how bad my coding was back then. There was one bug which I struggled with but never figured out how to fix, and then today it took like 5 minutes, really simple stuff.. I posted the game on the forums, hopefully someone will try it and let me know if it works and then I can call it "done".

Here's Bobo in action:

Other than that... This whole working 18 hours a day thing is going pretty well :) I read 100 pages of the Intel optimization manual, worked on distortion meshes for Hero of Allacrost (almost done, probably post a screenie tomorrow), and brought back Bobo from the dead. I'm still spending a ton of time getting distracted surfing GDNet or reading articles though, it's so tempting! :)
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I tried this out a couple of hours ago, and posted to your announcement thread. This is a really good game; well done!

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