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So Christmas...

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Still sat here on a friends machine twiddling my thumbs until I start work again. I'm heading back to my folks for Christmas on Thursday, back to home cooking (thats not my own) and a few days without chores! Christmas for me involves heading over to my Aunt's place, she usually puts on a really good spread and then its shooting on boxing day. Generally its a great time that I really enjoy as I don't often get to see my family living at the other end of the country.

I'll be back up in Dundee for new years though, probably head to a couple of bars with friends then back to my house. I seem to be getting old as clubs just aren't appealing anymore, either that or I'm just jaded from the slight overdose of them I had whilst at Uni. Anyway a few drinks in a bar are much more fun than listening to pounding music with a load of moronically drunk people.

Other than that I'm trying to come up with ideas for projects to do in my own time. Currently I'm thinking away from games programming and towards doing a little writing. I write a little better than I do in this journal, at least I think I can! :o
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