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The Joy of Hard Drives

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So my laptop hard drive has died, so I'm back on my old desktop. This wouldn't bother me so much if the stupid thing hadn't died in the middle of a backup; which corrupted the backup hard drive as well. I managed to salvage data for the most important things for work and the like; but I seem to have lost both the latest version of Dodecahellspawn and the Incredible Edible Cow, as well as a lot of application settings like my Firefox bookmarks and so on. This annoys me greatly.

I'll probably get a replacment drive for the laptop sometime after Christmas. For some odd reason prices seem to drop a lot around that time of the year.
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Damn - that's got to be annoying.

I'm really paranoid about backing up all my data, but I usually only go for the data section of my disks. Last major crash I had took about 3-4 days of solid work to get everything re-installed and working how I liked it [headshake]

January sales are always good for picking up cheap stuff [grin]


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