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Under construction

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I'm adding construction sites into the game...I'm hoping to fillout the empty areas you might have noticed around the map...I'm going to add parking lots, construction sites, parking garages, etc. I've also got to find time to implement the 2 remaing effects I've got planned for the engine (glow, reflections)....

Here's how the construction site is lookin...I'm going to have some sweeeet jumps in here. This very much represents the state of the game right now (UNDER CONSTRUCTION [grin])...

High resolution screenshot (ignore the vehicles [grin])

- Dan
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Sorry, You told me to ignore it and I cant... Whats with the cheap ass citizens using hovercraft style vehicles?! ;)

(seriously, what so special about tires that they seem to be missing in every shot? Just curious.)

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Ah, the joy of high resolution screenshots. :) I noticed that weapons don't cast shadows, but I guess you wouldn't notice that anyway during normal gameplay.

I'm curious, what did that man do in the first screenshot? Did he walk around the pile of dirt? If yes, was hecaught by a passing car? Tell us his story. :-D

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dave - Well I was going to just have the vehicle/tires in a single mesh and set the transformation matrices of the wheel joints every frame...though now I'm probably going to just render the tires as seperate meshes...that way the door is open to allow the player to upgrade the cars atleast with better wheels. I'll add the wheels onto the cars right now...[grin]

Laz - I'm going to add AA to the engine...though it's pretty low on the priority list right meow.

Gaheris - Actually the weapon models in the screenshots use the same entity system as streetside objects, etc. There aren't any shadows because I need to adjust the z-bias for smaller objects, or objects that get close to the ground. Because the shadow maps are being rendred from so far away I loose a lot of z-buffer precision....it's quite easy to see with smaller objects. Though it's easy to fix. Notice guns that are higher in the pile, do cast shadows.

Thanks for takin the time to comment guys :-)

- Dan

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Great work as usual!

Whats up with guy in the second piccie? Look just above the headlight of the car there's a man waving with apparently no body!!! Are you making a Where's Wally game as well?

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