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Some progress..

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Star of Shadows RPG

-> Finally got off my bum and fixed the GUI window process, so that flickering does not occur (or a rare case where the screen goes black), and multiple GUI windows will work now effortlessly. ;)
-> The biggest complaint since the start: framerate-independant movement! Now SoS will run at the same speed on all computers. ;) (Y'know, ideally..)
-> Map transitions. Now the player can move from map to map; the game caching data and saving switches/events with some new scripting functions. Added a new script event as well, onDestroy, which scripters can use to save switches and clean up anything they need to.
-> Screen fader! Now when you move from Map A to Map B the screen will fade to black, and then fade back in. This fader is pretty general-purpose, in that it can be used for coloured flashes during battle sequences, or used to give that nighttime scene a dark blue-ish hue to enhance atmosphere. Lots of fun. :P

Mystery Project

No work on this today/yesterday. Work will pick up when I get v0.03 of Star of Shadows completed. :)
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