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Rockin' the multi-threadedness

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SUCCESS! My graphics engine is now multi-threaded! This means that the GUI and game rendering run on seperate threads and if the game bogs down (< 16 fps) the GUI and mouse pointer doesn't! I haven't yet seen a game that does this but mine shall. =D

For now, I'm just cleaning up my multi-threading code and putting all components of the game in their rightful threads. The application is doing nothing but checking for the exit action so that it may kill all threads, clean up whatever's left over and exit to system gracefully.


The new house is still a major (but necessary) distraction. Today, we spent the day doing some patch work so that we can be ready to paint next week. We're also doing a little electrical work. It's an old house and uses aluminum instead of copper. Therefore, I have to prep the contacts (so they don't corrode, arc and burn the place down... kind of important).

Still working on getting us some screenies of the new GUI in action. It's simple but pretty.
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