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More Direct3D 10 stuff

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For those who jump straight past the front-page all too often, you'll have missed:

An Overview of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API by Jack Hoxley

Yup, it's another article about Direct3D 10. Enjoy [smile]

Related to my previous entry... Dave Aronson (of the WGGT group) has said they'll get the latest-n-greatest version of my "HDR Demo" into the February SDK. Seems like a slight confusion somewhere in the system that allowed the older version to make the final cut. Doesn't matter too much - as of 2 months time it'll all be sorted [grin]

I've been meaning to sit down and finalize my rendering pipeline that I've mentioned on-and-off lately. If I get time to do that I'll see about writing it up and posting it here.
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Well written; I'm really excited to check out D3D10 along with Vista when it finally hits our desktops. :)

My 3D-graphics knowledge contains virtually no shader knowledge, so the [forced] transition to purely shaders is going to be a scary move for me (it sounds like it involves more math :P). I wonder if OpenGL will be moving its API to shoving an all-shader outlook on its users too? (Which may have already been addressed -- I don't keep up with news too much these days!)

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Moving to shaders isn't as hard as you might think - especially if you're familiar with the fixed-function way..

Create your matrix:
mWVP = World * View * Proj;

Set it:
pEffect->SetMatrix( &mWVP );

Use it:
OUT.position = mul( IN.position, mWVP );

The above is somewhat simplified, but with the wealth of examples/tutorials available it's not too hard to get basic shaders going by finding equivalent fragments.

Oh, and pixel shading is a joy to work with - I hate the fixed function blending stuff [grin]


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