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Lots of libraries (OK 3)

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So today, as I start my Christmas vacation, I thought that i'd come up with a framework that I can work with over the holidays which consists of OpenGL running with SDL and FMOD for sound support (I love FMOD).

So after referencing a couple of articles, all 3 are running together, waiting for me to add brilliance, or something like that.

My hope is to get a simple 3D version of this done. Not necessarily completed over Christmas, but at least started. It's a fun game to play while waiting on your food, but I think Cracker Barrel may only be found in the south. I think this will be a fun challenge and hopefully i'll get it done. After experience during this semester with a group on a game project, it has given me more insight on how to get things done, and more inspiration to get these things done.
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I've played that game before, so I'm sure it's spread further than southern U.S. It's a pretty neat puzzle game though.

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Alright, well, you asked for it.

Nothing there yet, but there are 3 libraries working there. I have Purple Haze playing, but that can't really be depicted in a screenshot [wink]. I do plan to have more interesting screenshots in the near future though [grin].

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