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It's picture day

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First off, I am proud to announce that my daughter Bruce has just been inducted into the philosophy department at the University of Walamaloo.

On another note, I just finished my minor Best Buy Fueled updates to the computer. Ask yourself if it was worth it.

updates from previous setup:

Memory upgrade from 1 to 2 gig. Dang that's amazing. I remember how cool it was in college to upgrade my development box to 4 meg so that I could run OS/2 Presentation Manager. Now I've got 500x as much memory.

Second Dell 2001FP. Actually, BB doesn't sell these, but we had one on a rarely-used machine. I bought a Westinghouse-branded monitor from BB so I could move the unused Dell monitor over here. You get used to 3200x1200 resolution fast.

Microsoft 4000 Natural Keyboard and 6000 Laser Mouse. These were both a bit gratuitous, but they're luxurious and feel great and match the rest of the computer, so I treated myself. One thing about the Laser Mouse is that it doesn't have the retina-searing red light that's common among mice. Apparently someone figured out that you can do the whole optical-mouse camera thing with infrared and it works just fine. At first I thought the mouse wasn't working because I was so used to the bright red light when you plug your mouse into USB. It works just as well as the red-light mice, so I assume this'll eventually become the norm (as it might be for non-Microsoft optical mice for all I know).

Anyway, this is The Code Zone's development setup, or the CivilGrrl Accounting Setup, depending on what's necessary for the moment. Bask in its glory.

Also, I thought I'd revisit the Coffee Altar a year later. Bask in its newly-refined glory.

The Nespresso machine is no more. Biggest problem is that the proprietary coffee-capsules run about 45-55 cents each. While that's cheaper than Starbucks, it's still pricey for a shot of the Water Of Life. I got a nice Mr. Coffee grinder and Espresso machine that'll make a quality shot out of fresh beans for less than 10 cents. The Mr. Coffee grinder is nice because it's automatic. I've got it set to make a fine (but not too fine) grind, so it'll dump 2 shots worth into its little cup just by pressing the "start" button.

I didn't need the old Nespresso capsule-rack, so I ebayed that. Being a lazy bastard, rather than patch over its old mounting holes, I found a cute light fixture at Ikea (motto: "Our layout is more labyrinthine than a Las Vegas casino") with various plastic slides with things like "no smoking" etc. One of 'em was a coffee cup. Shelly likes to turn on the light when coffee is available.

We expanded our syrup selection to nine flavors, ranging from hazelnut to cinnamon red-hot to peppermint patty. We can now make pretty-much anything Starbucks can, save for those green tea smoothies. . .which I ain't in a hurry to duplicate.
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The computer setup is pretty cool... but I'm envious of the coffee setup [oh]

I decided a while back that I know I've made it in life when I have:

1. My own coffee machine(s)
2. Cinema-size TV and surround sound


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SWeet setup. Those Dell monitors are kickass, but I've been happy with my Samsung 172x. Can't wait to get my second one and hook them up to Matrox's new dual output box for three screens of goodness :)

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Welcome to the club!

I've been running a pair of Dell FP2001s for a while now. It's the Phat!

The 1600x1200 thing was what made me late to the flat panel party. I'd gotten so used to it with my 19" CRTs over the last 5 years that it was the minimum resolution I'd accept. So it took a while before flat panels fell to an acceptable price point for that resolution :-)

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Actually, Shelly's the one to envy. She's currently got a 2005 and a 2001 and will be graduating to dual 2005s eventually. 3840x1200 is the way to go.

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