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## No more Lazteroids? WTF!

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Few things. First off, a team of modders have redome the original "Knee Deep in the Dead" episode (the shareware episode of Doom) using Doom 3 technology. I know what I will be doing all night today. Listening to the music for E1M8 right now ... and all I can say is "holy fucking yes!"

Check it out here. Just kidding, here. Ha ha, got you again. Click here --> . <-- right there.

Now, more importantly, the title of this post. I have decided to indefinitely cease development on Lazteroids 2. I've been working on it for a year and gotten almost nothing done.

It dawned on me the other night, as I was talkign with Ravuya, I hate Lazteroids 2. I can't stand working on it, I hate thinking about it. It's boring to me now, I don't want to do it anymore.

I do have a better project in the works now. Without revealing too much information, it does involve jets. Fighter jets. It will be good if I don't pull another "Lazteroids 2" and work on it for a year then get tired of it.

Still thinking of a name.

But, before I start on that, I want to expant my knowledge. I'm going to start creating simple demos to teach myself the basic of things like shadowing and reflections and shaders and whatnot. I realized that pretty much all I know how to do in OpenGL is draw polygons on the screen. I know nothing of stencil tests, extensions, shaders, etc... so I'm going to teach myself some of that stuff before I get started on the project.
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