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Newer games lacking quality?

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I have noticed that the last three games I played was filled with bugs and not very fun, I'm not that much of a gamer so I have to ask is this something happening to almost all new games or have I just been unlucky. I mean, I bought King Kong for PC and it was just as much a disappointment as I would imagine Big Rigs (for those who don't know about this game, see this review) would be. The first 11-12 (not sure and I don't want to count, the chapter after Canyon) chapters were very boring, it was mostly just a question of running around as Jack shooting worms and other small creatures, there was also one or two levels with Kong, the levels where played something like this (LMB = Left Mouse Button, FWD = Forward):
x10 -> x10 repeat
You where supposed to jump on the side of a mountain, this was very</Sarcasm> hard, especially since you couldn't fall down at ALL. Also when walking around with Jack it was almost impossible to fall down, I think you could when you walked on some wood over a large gap, but not in any other circumstances.

The creators have chosen not to have a HUD, I guess they wanted to be innovative, but please don't use an idea just because it's new. The rules for controlling your health are like this:
- Get hit by anything, could be a TRex or a worm, and then your screen turns red (not completely) for ~10 seconds, after that it turns back.
- If you are hit while your screen is red you die
This could just have been so much easier with a HUD, also you can't see how much ammo you have left, you have to "ask" (I) Jack and he will tell approximately how much is left, if you around 35 bullets he will just tell you that you have enough.

In the chapter after the Canyon a bug made some fire stop and I needed this fire to continue in the game, of course there is no option to restart the chapter, the only thing I can do is to start over (from the very beginning).

It seems that the artists in King Kong where very good, but the coders and designers must either have been very in-experienced or being forced to meet un-reasonable deadlines.

A couple of weeks before that my little sister got a demo of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since it was only a demo I can't give a review as long as the one on King Kong, but still it gave me an impression of the game. You start walking around in a camp getting hit by lots of weird particles from the sky; this doesn't do any damage at all even though they look like they could kill a group of 10 people. Then you get the ability to move rocks, just to test if the rock was just as harmless as the particles from the sky I tried dropping the rock (very big rock almost as big as a car) onto the others (you choose between Ron, Hermione and Harry and the other two follow you), but nothing happened then I tried dropping it on myself (Hermione in this case since my little sister started playing) this resulted in me going down under the ground and couldn't move, about 5 seconds later the program shut down. So have lots of problems.

I also got BF2 almost immediately after it was released and as most can remember there where some serious bugs in it. Most was fixed with the patches, but it is not acceptable to release a game in a state like that.

It just seems to me that all newer games are very bad. The last good games I bought were HL2 and B&W2 and all games I bought before that was also not filled with bugs, but it seemed that at some point companies just started releasing unfinished games and hope to release patches later. Also B&W2 wasn't bug-free it was impossible to accomplish a task in 2nd or 3rd (don't remember) world where you had to remove all trees.
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There's definitely a lot of pressure on release-now-patch-later. Publishers seem to have lost the plot to a large extent; they don't seem to realize that even though people buy the game, it pisses us off to get a box of bugs and have to wait three months to actually play the game.

I know X³ got shafted pretty hard with impatient-publisher syndrome; we're pretty focused on post-release updates, but it still sucks that we weren't given a shot at releasing a genuinely excellent game the first time around.

Unfortunately, I fear that the only way to really get the publisher side of things to wake up and see what they're doing to themselves is for there to be a huge market backlash where people just quit buying games. If that even manages to happen (unlikely, given the aptitude of people to pour money into crappy titles) I'm afraid that a lot of good development houses will get taken down as a side effect.

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