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Loading & Help Wanted with Animation System

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Yesterday a team member came over and we fixed the level loading code. It had been a mess for a while, partly because of the long history of the code - at one time all levels were loaded from a text file that had a character for each entity or wall/floor piece.

Over the past few months, as more things had been added, load times grew longer, and the team started having issues with lightmaps being out of date, etc.

So, we changed the system so that now the level editor saves out a .exp file with just enough info so the game can set up the level when it's run.

When the game runs it looks at the .exp file and sees if it's fresh from the level editor. If so, it creates the lightmaps, the navmaps, the collision structures, the vbs & ibs, etc. and saves it all back out in the .exp file.

Next time, when the game is run, everything is loaded from the file instead of re-creating it. This makes running the game go from taking ~ 1-2 minutes of preprocessing to ~10-15 seconds. Much better. Also, there's no more chance of things being out of date.

We lost a team member who was slated to do the boned animation system code. We have some code to start with, but right now have no-one signed up to get it integrated. I could certainly do it, but I'd rather get another coder on board, and give someone else the opportunity. This position can either be paid via flat fee or profit sharing. If you are interested, or know someone who would be, email me @ simmer@gmail.com.

I'm attaching a render of one of our enemy models for the demo ( not rendered in-game ) :

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Yeah... I opened up your journal and saw that image and automatically thought it was ingame [headshake]

Given your heritage as a graphics guru, I don't see why it won't be at some point though [wink]

Keep up the good work!

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Wow that looks really good...what issues were you having with your .x files, or did you already resolve them?

- Dan

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One of the artists is not able to export models using physique and biped modifiers under max7.

One artist is. I wish I knew more about this stuff. I don't have max myself, and can't afford the time to mess with it.

Maybe I have the artist who CAN do it to try to export the models, then just write down the procedure.

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