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I've been fixing a lot of stuff today :-) Fixed transparency on windows, added wheels back on vehicles, resolved all my animation problems...now all characters move smoothly. I've also done more work on the entity system. I was planning on posting like 10 high res screenshots...but I'll just wait a day or two until I have it even more polished :-)

I'm also adding some new environments into the city (construction sites, plazas, parking lots, etc.)

Ignore the depth issues with the vehicle windows...I've still got to reorder the groups so that doesn't happen. Also the vehicles will look a lot better when I get the reflections into the game.

Check it:

- Dan
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Hey. Haven't stopped by in a while but just wanted to say that this is still looking great. Keep up the awesome work!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Well, Every time i see this game i need to think to GTA 3/VC/SA.
I liked the planes in the air, with all kinds of messages and the Jumbo Jets. Will that also included in this game ? :)

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Hmmmm well I don't think I'll have planes with messages lol...but I will have newschoppers that show up at shootings, etc. and will act as an alternate camera angle.

Right now I'm tweaking the physics on the vehicles, and adding jumps, etc. When I'm done with that I'll get on the news chopper.

- Dan

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Would be neat though. Speaking of "stuff" in the sky, are there going to be any birds flying around?

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Yup...I've already got flocks of birds flying around, also helicopters flying around...check some screenshots see if you can find 'em :-)

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Nice! And I spy a girl in the back ground of that second pic...which brings me to -

Gonna add a hot coffee mod [grin]

/tasteless stab at GTA:SA

Oh man, anyways, future expansion idea, a female gang, yeap, seen Sin City? ^^ Keep up the great work man.

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Heh...no hot coffee in this game :-) I wish I had assets to waste like GTA does...

I was talking to my producer @ Strategy the other day, and we came up with adding a "Have you had YOUR hot coffee today?" billboard...so once I get billboards into the game I'll post some screenshots. It's gonna be sweeeeet. :-0

As for the female gangs...eh...sure I'd rather add the Russian Mafia, Irish mobs, Yakuzas and some others first :-) But for an expansion (or more likely GW2) I'm going to add all kinds of gangs....it's just a matter of hiring the right artists to do it, and that's not cheap :-( But I dig ya on the gangs of "bee-hotches".

- Dan

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