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More Galaxy Conquest Progress

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Friday, Dec 16th

I got some more work done on GC. In my last entry I had worked out the basics for placing tiles on the map from the palette. Today I reworked a lot of that since there were some aspects I hadn't considered in the original design. However in the end it came out alright. I can now select all tiles from both the Systems and Planets palette and place them on the map

Here's a bunch of special systems clustered around each other

And here are some planets and empty systems. The more times you click on a planet the more rings are added to that planet

I have three main bugs that still need to be solved before I can move on:

  • I can't seem to place any tiles in the first column of the map. I just realized it when taking the above screenshots and have no clue why, although I have a feeling it has something to do with the code I wrote to prevent a tile placement attempt when the mouse was clicked off the map

  • You're only supposed to have 5 rings on a planet and then you can't add any more. if you click past 5 right now instead of just ignoring the placement it moves on to the next planet, starting with just the planet, and then adding rings to that color planet. Whoopsie. I've tracked it down to the information stored within each tile - seems the ring count keeps coming up as 0

  • Clicking on a planet when using a brush of a different planet color should change that planet to the new planet color and maintain the current ring count. Currently none of that happens. What does? Absolutely squat :P

After I clear up these three issues tomorrow my next steps will be to

  1. Make it so that you can right-click on planets to remove rings, and finally the planet when all rings are gone

  2. Change the way backgrounds are selected. Currently you change the background by clicking on its image in the palette, but that means when you select the palette the background always changes to the first image, since the selection box automatically moves up to the first brush when a new palette is loaded. The change will be you will have to click on the brush and then on the map to change the background

  3. Make sure map tile data is being stored properly (tho I'll prob handle this issue fixing the second and/or third bug listed above)

  4. Implement territory shading for the Imperialism game mode

I think that's a nice ToDo list for the day. Well, I'll be tackling all of that in a few hours so best get some rest while I can...
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