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Resurrecting Bobo... Again! And Distortion Meshes

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OMG. So, I found there are a bunch of bugs in Bobo thanks to the guys who tested it on the forums... working on fixing them now. At the time I wrote the game, I found an article on how to write a Win32 game sequentially like a DOS game, by using 2 threads. It sounded like a good idea at the time... So now I'm trying to untangle this mess of spaghetti code and make it single-threaded. I should forget submitting it to GDS and just send it to one of those "obfuscated code" contests. Anyway the re-resurrection should be done hopefully within the next couple of days.

The good news is that I finished distortion meshes for Allacrost, plus some other minor features that had to be done. Now basically the "pre-shader" portion of the graphics engine is done, so finally it's time to dig into some shader work. Fun stuff.

Also I got some books for ridiculously low prices... The one that is most relevant to me right now is Mason McCusky's book on special effects programming in DirectX. (I'm using OpenGL, but the techniques should be transferrable). Seems like a pretty good book from the 5 minutes I spent scanning it.
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