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Random stuff...

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I didn't really feel like coding much. I started to work on a simple map editor for the game, but I stopped half way through. I'll probably pick up more on it soon.

I've been reading some stuff about the C++ boost library. I remember when I first started using the STL in my projects and how much easier it made certain things. I'm starting to get the same feeling looking at boost.

There is one boost library that I'm definetly going to start using, Smart pointers. These look like they could be very helpful in the future. I'm not going to use them in my current project because I already coded the part I would need them for and it works fine.


Now to a completely unrelated topic[smile]

I haven't really had much in the way of interesting games lately. I've been playing Burnout Revenge for the past couple of days. Its still a fun game to play, but not as exciting as it used to be.

Something else is that the XBox hasn't been working well lately. Probably needs a cleaning or something. Basically about 70% of the time I try to play a game on it, it says that it doesn't recognize the CD as an XBox CD. I noticed that this problem started occuring roughly around the time of the 360 launch. Now I'm not seriously suggesting this is some sort of conspiricy...or am I? Or I just need to take better care of the XBox...yeah...that's probably it.

Something struck me today that made me angry. I realize this is old news, but I just took the time to think about it today. I was sitting watching TV and I thought to myself:

"You know, I should be playing the new Zelda game right now."

Maybe if I was there wouldn't be so much dust on my gamecube.

To be honest, most of my gamecube games are collections of old games. I have the Sonic mega collection, the megaman aniversary collection, and the Zelda collection that came with my GameCube. My question is, why isn't there a mario collection? Then again, they're probably saving that for the Revolution.

What else...oh yeah, GameTap! I'm currently in the middle of trying the 2 week free trial. It's fun to be able to play old Streets of Rage games again. Don't think it's worth $15 dollars a month, though.

Why are there no new Streets of Rage games? I think Streets of Rage was a great concept for a game. You played as:

"a rookie cop on the edge who doesn't play by the rules"

Basically, you walk through a city and beat the crap out of any '80s punk you come across. And for an older game, it still had an awesome soundtrack.

And the boss of the game was called Mr.X! Mr.X! Hes so cool he only needs one letter in his last name.

For someone like myself who used to own a Sega Genesis, it's good to see these games again.

Anyways, I'm done rambling for now. I usually don't make journal entries this long, it's wierd[grin]
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