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Creepin' along

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I made a pretty stupid mistake. I'm pretty new at multi-threading... and it shows. I've divided up my application into separate parts to be threaded: physics, video, even the GUI (see previous entries). However, I put my input code in the main application. WTF? I've gone through all this trouble to keep input and GUI from from experiencing slow-downs but I put the input in the main application. What happens during system slow-downs? Reading the harddrive, for instance? GAH!

So, tonight I created a new thread and placed the input routines within it. I'm using a mediator to communicate with it. It actually helped the asynchronous GUI rendering by making it refresh smoothly. Go me. Anywho, I'm just cleaning up code this week and throwing down some comments like a good programmer should do. More later! (I know, the suspense is excruciating)
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Multithreading does nothing but give me the willies, heh. And reading this does not make me feel any more comfortable about tackling them. :P

Hope you have better luck with it than I have in the past. :)

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