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Coal would have been better.

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So first up, milestone 1 report: We did great, we made 15 out of 18 checkpoints and managed to get a head start on a few for the next milestone. The requirements were not very tight for this one because I was testing our pace, but even so we did a lot of work. I've tightened milestone 2's requirements a tad but I forgot about Christmas holidays, so I think that'll be quite easy to reach too ;)!

As readers of previous entrys will know, my GDnet 'help wanted' post performed extremely well, so well that it's now causing problems; I wasn't intending to begin art asset production for another two or three milestones but I've had applications from some incredible artists which I couldn't turn down. As a result we've now got a bottleneck caused by a lack of concept art. So I've done the only thing a responsible game producer can do, and gone 'help wanted' crazya all over the boards of other sites too. Concept art applications usually seem to make up the vast majority of responses to any help request, and yet the pool seems to have gone dry, perhaps I'm being to fussy. Contracting is looking more and more attractive every day.

The good news is that we are powering ahead with both client and server development. Our primary network programmer has been busting his guts to complete our networking libraries, which allow cross platform and multi language networking support which is vital for Phoenix Feathers C++ server and Java client crossover. We have had a couple of successful tests and are now in a position to start seriously developing the server architecture. I know how much you folks like pictures (almost as much as code, right?), So I'm going to lure you to our News and Announcement forum for a pic of our first networking test! Feel free to grab our xml feed for your site...

In other news, Merrrrry Christmas! This year I have almost exclusively requested network and java development books. Boy the holidays will just fly by :).
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Eh, I have no freaking idea whats wrong with the links.. Anyway, fixed.. still no idea why!

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