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PADI certified Open Water Diver

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Lady and gentlemen!! (that kinda sums up the ratio in here)

You are now reading the journal of a PADI Open Water Diver!! W00T!!! I went to Ilhabela to finish my course. Finally...

Here's some photos of the weird things I saw, including myself! omg!
(click for full image)

Mini compo! NAME THAT THING! Find out what the real names of these things (each image name is called thingX.jpg) are and get your name in this post! Which will undoubtly lead to fame and fortune, and ch1x! (Wikipedia link counts as proof)
Thing number:
1. Lobster* (RobLoach)
2. Sea star* (RobLoach)
3. Cleaner Shrimp* (RobLoach)
4. Marine Angelfish (RobLoach)
5. -
6. -
7. -
8. Grouper* (RobLoach)
9. -
10. Trumpet Fish (RobLoach)
11. Grouper* (RobLoach)

* = This is the family name, if you know the specific species let me know!

Also, for you people who've seen King Kong; apperently, Ilha da Cabra (Skull Island) is right here in Brazil!! It seems more peacefull (and smaller) now that Tore Kong is gone.
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Wow, congrats! But I'm a land loving sea-farer, so I will not be joining you anytime soon [wink] It must have been all of the movies and erm..."water incidents" that disuade me from wanting to be a diver.

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You lucky thing!!....I'm like a dead duck in water, so I tend to stay on terra-firma all the time. [smile]

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