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Had to work 14 hours this weekend, so that wasn't fun. I blame the customers who want to buy more stuff as at a greater rate then normal. Christmas indeed! :P

On a more interesting note (let's face it, nobody wants to hear me whine about work; I'm sure you hear enough of it already :)) I set up a little header on this journal -- yes, I'm sure you've noticed it already -- just look up. A little bit more. No! No! Not that far! Down a little. Ah, yes. There we go. Now you can see in a bit more of a tangible way what I'm up to. Maybe even visit the Star of Shadows forum and offer some improvements. Or download v0.02 if you haven't already and provide me with invaluable feedback. The possibilities are endless!

Spiffied up the menus a bit more. Now images can be associated with a menu-option and will display properly. Each menu now has a 'genre' which calls a certain function when the user selects an option. Currently there are OW_NONE, OW_SHOP, and OW_INN. None do anything but lead to an empty function, but it's the thought that counts. :) A few small bugs were also squashed along the way.

Now that the underlying GUI framework is pretty much complete, I can get going on the shop system, which will be a key addition to v0.03. No screenshot today, however. I'll bottle it up and wait until the shop system is in before gloating. ;)

Thanks for reading.

(Oh, and does anyone know why we can't use the + character in journal titles? I'm dieing for Boots of Coding (+2) for Christmas :P)
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In most games with Fatigue points, it's the opposite. You get a nice meter, and your Fatigue gets lower as you use more energy. Thus Fatigue--. :P

(Yeah, using your fancy dancy "logic" you're correct. But psh, logic..)

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