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Early residential areas

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I'm working on adding suburbs, plazas, parking lots, etc. into the well as fixing the vehicle glass render order.

Eh...this is still a major work in progress...though I found this screenshot interesting.

There's a lot of different things I've still got to add to this scene. Lets make a list:
- Create more house models.
- Fix vehicle glass.
- Add fences & other objects into the yards.
- Remove streetside objects in suburbs.
- More unique tree models.
- Add driveways + mailboxes.
- Create new "more suburban" streetlights for the suburbs.
- Ehhh...anything else I forgot?

*Hmmm I just noticed the civilian's leg isn't receiving any shadows...I wonder how long that's been like that? It was working a day or two ago...

The residential areas are immune to gang influence...they act as "neutral" territory. You'll be able to sell drugs, and fight in these areas, though you can't extort/intimidate/or go inside any houses.

As I mentioned previously I've fixed all my character animation problems. I was originally trying to use a common skeleton/animation set for all the characters...though this won't work.

Each character needed it's own skeleton and set of animations. They're all done and I've got about 30 animations per character in-game. This means that I had to export close to 400 animation files...which was really not as cool as it sounds :-) Though I'm glad to have everything just about wrapped up in that area.

I've still got to code up some blending for the top half and bottom half of the characters so they can run+shoot, walk+shoot, etc.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Good work, I really like to read every new update :)

"Ehhh...anything else I forgot?"

no traffic light's on each street corner
people in the car's

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Hmmmm...well wherever there is an intersection of two roads I need to have traffic ligts. I'll be adding T intersections back into the game soon that should break up some of that stuff.

Also...oh yea...forgot about people in the cars :-)

Thanks for the interest :-)

- Dan

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