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Delusions of Writing Ability

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So I've been reading the forums instead of working on my own time, and I've started to see a lot of stuff cropping up that has to deal with abstraction and programming languages. I have a feeling that this is really not much different than usual, but now that I'm thinking about it, I'm seeing a lot more things that can be interpreted from that perspective. (Funnily enough, I have that pattern in all kinds of things. Ever learn a new word, and suddenly hear it in, say, twenty places all in the same day? I suspect this is a well-documented psychological phenomenon, but being the unedumacationed type, I have no idea. Anyone know if this has a name?)

Anyways, all of this has got me thinking. Specifically, it's got me thinking about articles. I love reading articles. Articles are nice and short, but still have goodies - well, the good ones do. Articles are perfect. You can sneak them in while you wait for the complete project rebuild to finish, and if you're questioned, a lot of articles can be linked to your work. ("I'm reading up on good design principles. It'll help us deliver this project faster and with fewer bugs. Really.") Since I like articles so much, and since I'm a veritable sack of hot wind about abstraction levels lately, I've come up with an idea: I could write an article.

Actually, I really don't care about writing articles, I just want something I can point people to about abstraction (and programming languages) without having to write all of my thoughts out from scratch. Besides, a long forum post is just mind-bendingly dull. Nobody reads long posts (ask Wavinator). Take the exact same text, slap a byline and caption on it, and shove it off into its own page, and it becomes great literature.

So, as usual, I've expelled a lot of excess gibberish to get to the point I'm after: I'm contemplating writing an article. That sounds distinctly like work, however, so I've decided that I'll only bother with it if there is sufficient demand. I know someone at least glances in here from time to time (either that or I've got a loyal fan who just sits in here pressing F5 all day), so here's my challenge to you: post your demand, and I'll give you an article.
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i'd love to read something from you. doesn't really matter what, as long as i can say "it's useful for our company", myself, too.. i know that situation, used this phrase quite some time yet. and of course, it was always true.

of course i'd love to see something about raytracing, as you could guess :D

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I demand an article! [looksaround] Heh, sounds interesting though, I'd be interested to see what you could come up with.

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