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Preparing the video

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I'm now in X-Mas vacation, so i've been pretty busy ( preparing my trip back to France to see my family, buying presents, etc.. ). On the Infinity front, i'm now preparing the promised video. It should be done by tomorrow, as i'm taking the train on Wednesday ( so if it's not out by wednesday, you'll know i missed the deadline ). I've been working on fixing a few bugs & artefacts in the terrain engine, adding back the clouds layer ( and tuning its shader ), and finally making a tool to convert a Mercator-like map to a cube map, in order to display a Jupiter-like planet in the sky.

I'll start to work on things like vegetation, volumetric clouds, water or weather effects.. next year. Until then, after the video, it's very likely that i'll be working on non-3D related things, like the user interface, or even the gameplay basics.
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looking forward to seeing the video

pleace keep sharing your progress on the gameplay and user interface as well :) many of us have great ideas, if you haven't planned the whole thing yet ;)

anyway have a nice christmass :)

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I swear I wont go sleep until I see that video!

I'm tracking your journal on RSS for a couple of weeks now. What you're doing is simply amazing, and an inspiration to all us bedroom programmers.

Keep up the good work!

*drools in anticipation*

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Glad to hear that you're taking a break for X-mas. [smile]

As the others have already said, I can't wait for the video. The future plans sound promising as well & look forward to reading/seeing more.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Ok, don't tell me this is rendered by your engine in realtime!
It's beautiful!!!

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