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Hmm broke one of them there rules...

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Seems that even if you jokingly talk about ratings, or make real observations about them, you get rated down. Damn it. It's like being slapped for talking about a faux pas subject!

Here's the post anyways. I expect the people whom bother to read the journals aren't the same people whom rate people down for saying stuff like this:


The quickest way to get your rating up is to be a half decent looking woman and post a picture. Perhaps becase of other things going up the drooling nerds just hit the ratings up buttons ...

Seriously though, I've noticed that when people post sommit really cool looking from their current project, that often gets points.

Helping out people new to the board doesn't usually result in much, probably because they don't know about the ratings feature yet.

But hey it's not all about ratings is it? It is nice though when you get them, kind of little token of appreciation from the giver.

Personally I'm quite free with the whole ratings thing, if someone posts something helpful to a question I'm asking I almost always rate them up. In comparison I think I've may be rated one person down the whole time I've been here - probably an indication about how cool most of you are

Completely unrelated to this post; the Christmas theme gave me a bit of a suprise this morning! How very festive, I think I like it...

Yeah Merry Bloody Christmas whomever rated me down for that! Thought I would delete the post before I got even more downrated. I had to work hard for my 1400+ score damn it (was 1407 this morning)!

I hope I can say what I like in my own journal without being rated down!
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Ahhh, there be the lesson...do not, under any circumstances, talk about zee ratings thingimabobsjaflips, cause it brings bad luck... much like not being able to say the word of a well-known Scottish play in theatres.

So, here's a little xmas gift my friend, I hope it helps somewhat ++ [smile]

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I'm almost certain your negative rating didn't come from that post. No, I won't say more.

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