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Bobo's done... What next?

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Phew. I think I can finally put Bobo to rest. After pretty much 3 whole days of rewriting huge chunks of Bobo and fixing bugs, the game is done. (Hopefully no one reports any more bugs!!!) Three whole days is a lot of time, but I'm glad I did it. It feels good to create something of the highest quality you're capable and know you did your best, even if it's not impressive technically. Also I don't know for sure if this is the kind of thing I'd show to employers if I go for a job (I imagine they want to see 3D stuff) but at least this way if I do show it to someone, it won't be a complete disaster :)

If anyone wants to check out the thread btw, please take a look here :D

So, now I gotta figure out what to do next... My list of things I want to do is pretty big... learn C#, Lua, special effects programming, write a software graphics engine, read Jim Adam's book about making RPGs, work on a HL2 mod, make a GBA game, make an RTS, read John Robbin's debugging book from cover to cover, and learn more about graphics, physics, AI, networking... damn, that's just about everything lol.

I also really want to make a game like Gradius III (oldschool SNES game). I've been listening a lot to a remix someone made of the theme from that game, it has me totally pumped to write some 2D space game but with way more effects than were possible back in the day. Maybe I'll work on something like that before tackling the RPG project.

Meh... too many things I want to do. I guess I'll just stick with my plan of coding small things and absorbing new knowledge until I build up the skills/inspiration for a new major project to work on.
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Grats on the "n Days of Code"(while n=3)! Seems like not a long time, but after a couple of days of digging down nose-first into your code (especially when it's a bigger project) can really take it out of you. I usually try to space out my sessions a little bit more than that. :P

All of the plans you've listed sound really good. I especially recommend you looking up C# as a potential language for game dev'ving with. The C++ enthusiasts might say otherwise, but it has enough power for it and I've found speeds up my dev-time.

Will you be staying with HoA as your only game project, or will you grab a new secondary one to roll with at the same time? I find that doing one project for a long period of time saps my motivation after a bit, so I rotate between my two projects. (Star of Shadows RPG and 'Mystery Project')

Irregardless, good luck! Sounds like you'll have some interesting content for us in the near future. :)

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Cool, thanks for the advice and all :) I think I will give C# a try, perhaps for my next mini-project. As for what I'm working on... HoA is currently my only long-term project, and it'll probably stay like that for a while. Eventually I'd like to work on an HL2 mod (or some mod). For now though, mostly I just want to do little demos/programs here and there to gain skills. Like Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) said, life is fun when you're on the steep part of the learning curve :)

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I'm not a professional by any means but I believe this will look good to a potential employer, even if it's not the latest and greatest 3D technology. Why? Because it shows that you can finish a large project and that you can do more than just program fancy graphics. It's a good start and the game is a lot of fun! (I beat the first floor last night.)

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Hi Gary! Thanks, I appreciate your advice and glad you think the game is fun! :D Yeah, my old boss from my internship a couple of summers ago said he likes to see people who can do lots of different things, not just be a "3d guy". What I might do is submit this as an example of a completed game, *along with* several small technical demos showing off graphics/physics/AI or whatever... Anyway thanks again for stopping by here :D

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