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Vista 5270

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Right, so despite it only taking 18 minutes to download the latest Vista build it's taken me the best part of a day to actually get the thing up and running [rolleyes]

So far I'm impressed - I haven't dug into it properly yet, but there are loads of tiny changes/additions to the GUI that make it much better than 5231.

In other news... I've found an annoying quirk with PIX for Windows that I really don't like, nor do I have a particularly good solution to.

Given my current project is very GPU heavy I've scattered profiling code all over the place - the idea being that I can run PIX and keep track of how performance is handling.

The best way to get this data is as a full-stream capture. Problem with this is that it drops my application to around 4-5fps (instead of the 50-60 I get normally). This completely screws the results up.

I realised the problem when PIX was telling me that the DXUT/GUI rendering was around 50% of my frame-time. A bit odd I thought, but I added a simple toggle to hide it and improve the performance... but it makes not the slightest difference at all.

Upon digging a bit further, the DXUT rendering block has 100's of D3D calls per frame - mostly IDirect3DTexture9::AddRef() and IDirect3DTexture9::Release(). What's making the DXUT block stand out as slow is nothing to do with my application - it's PIX choking on the number of calls its having to capture.

Bottom line - the observation is affecting the experiment. Any good scientist will tell you that this isn't a good thing [wink]

I'm annoyed because I love the amount of information that PIX gives me - and it'll be a mountain of work for me to try and roll my own profiler that gets around the described problem [headshake]

Anyway, I'm gonna go calm down by playing with Vista.
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