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Yeah !

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I'm happy.

My gdnet+ membership had been renewed for another year. I'll still be there and there until (at least) dec 2006. Prepare for another year of

  • (not funny) humor
  • (not very accurate) technical rambling
  • (not very accurate) C++
  • newbies bashers bashing
  • falling in love with caitlin each time she posts a new photo
  • (dull) posts
  • (irrelevant) PMs
  • bad English and French words

Maybe I'll have time to

  • learn C#
  • learn how to program
  • learn why I want to program
  • learn C++ (would help)
  • learn more English and French words
  • get rich
  • rul3 teh wArld!!!111

I also have tons of projets, maybe I'll try to get some help from you in a near futur [smile]
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I'd like to! Unfortunately, this is somewhat incompatible with the road to world domination I decided to follow. So we'll see... [smile]

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