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Alright, alright! Stop that cheering, I'm not dead!

As many of you have noticed my journal posting of late has turned from a trickle to a dead stop, there are a few reasons for this =)

1. Ahhh-choo
I've had a cold so I am sorta sick right now, but getting better.

2. I'm back in the lab... yo... =D
Thats right, I'm hard at work on many things, most of these things are requiring some heavy learning on my part, so it's been all books/articles and no fun for Raymond.

Much like the time before the MW development kick-off (which not many of you remember because you didn't even know who I was back then) I am hard at work and not saying much =)

3. Selling MW
While we do have an excellent director of marketing, I am still involved in the sales and promotion of Morning's Wrath, we've managed to hit the same quantity of sales for three months in a row, so that is very pleasing =D

and our review from GrrlGamer.com is finally out =D

With that said, chances are, when I really start to re-surface you are going to see somthing totaly unexpected, so hang in there =D
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Glad to see you’re still around. I hope you get better soon and have some cool screenshots of the game ready [wink]

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hehehe, yes I rather like that rendition of Morning :D

I am really itching to spill-the-beans on what I am working on, but I dare not without some concrete proof =)

it is not quite what I set out to do, originally, but after some thought I think it will be better all around.

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