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First Journal Post

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Welcome to Azrial's Development Journal. Azrial is an online role playing game that I have been developing on my own for quite some time. Once released to the public, this game will always remain free of charge. Throughout the evolution of Azrial's code base, I will be tracking my progress, ideas, and dicussions pertaining to Azrial here at this journal.

First, a little background on Azrial. The game initially started out as a 3D tile-based game. Only a 16x16 tiled map was rendered, and players could run off the map north, south, east, or west which would load a new map if one existed (if I can dig up some old screenshots, I'll post them here for context). The camera was essentially fixed, to keep the whole map into view. Players could only zoom in and out a little bit. There were major problems plaguing the game (organization was a mess, tons of memory leaks, slow performance).

After stepping back from the project, I wasn't happy with where Azrial was heading, so I decided to take all that I have learned from this experience, and rewrite the game. Below is a screenshot of where it currently stands:

The most drastic changes from the previous version, is that the realm is a continuous world. That is, all maps in view are rendered in their proper locations. In this particular screenshot, the player is actually standing on the corner, where 4 maps meet. Furthermore, the player has more control over the camera. Although the camera will always focus on the player's character, you can zoom, pan, and raise the camera via the mouse.

Just to go over some of the other features shown in this screenshot:

  • You can populate maps with 3d objects (such as the house and trees)
  • You can add a masking sprite to cover a tile (such as the flowers in front of the house)
  • You can add billboarded sprites to maps (the bush on the left side of the house)
  • There is a tile blending layer, where you can blend the texture from one tile into one of its N,S,E,W,NE,NW,SE,SW neighbors (the road blends outward into the grass)

This obviously not an exhaustive list of all that Azrial currently offers, but its a start.
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That looks pretty good.

I always wanted to make a game that looks like this, but never got around to figuring out the maths to determine how to place a character (in terms of Y) on the terrain.

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Welcome to journal land!

Nice looking screenie. Remember that even though it's just a start you've gotten further than most people at this site ever will.

Having said that, under no circumstances should you ever look at the Image of the Day forum - it will only make you feel insignificant (it certainly does that to me). But seriously ... keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to seeing how your game progresses.

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