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"Let Go" just sounds so much better...

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So, last Friday, I was "Let Go" from my job.

A little more than a week before Christmas. Thanks, boss.

Fortunately, I have scrambled and managed to line up some side work, and there should be unemployment, so things are going to be OK in the short term.

Looking to the long term, I am turbo-sending resumes a la daily. I'm not even caring all that much WHERE the job is. At this point, I cannot afford to be picky.

Of course, it is doubtful, although remotely possible, that I may get even an interview before the beginning of the year. Companies tend not to interview in these two weeks, but anything can happen, I suppose.

But this also means that not a lot of people are sending out resumes, because they are themselves busy for the holidays.

But not me. I'm at home, trying to line up cash flow, and trying my best to get a new job.

And the house is already clean.

And the dishes are done.

And the laundry.

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harsh, good luck on the job search.

might end up landing you in a better position =)

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Not good and I know the feeling...something soon enough is bound to come along.

Good luck in your search :)

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I found a game you'd be interested in, I think.

It's called "Hexcite", and currently I can only find it in Japanese or on my Cell Phone.

However, it's freaking cool, so if you can find it, check it out.

It seems really simple at first, but once you get into it, there are tons of little subtleties about it that make it very challenging and strategic.

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Wow! I thought I was the only one that happened to.

I was let go on Monday, sent out my resume through Monster as well, and got a call back from one company in about 4 hours.

My second interview is tomorrow.

Good luck in your search!

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Sorry to hear that, brudda. You'll get a new job soon, what with your mad skillz and all. Until then you've got time to mail me back my BASIC game books.

. . .yeah right. And I've got time to mail you your wedding gift.

On another note, Screenweaver is almost as good as Zinc, and it's free. Finally ChemHex can have a reasonable looking standalone version.

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In my experience, online job hunting is a hopeless battle. The most effective method, in my opinion, would be to:
  1. Email them telling them you're interested in the position and a brief introduction to you and why you'd be their greatest employee ever. Make sure to not forget to attach your resume.
  2. Phone in telling them that you just emailed them your resume and that you'll be phoning back in a week to follow up.
  3. Phone back and have a little discussion about you and your resume and then ask if you could talk with them in person as oppose to on the phone. That's your interview!

Kevin posted a list of interview tips that will be extremely valuable when you get that interview. Good luck! I know you'll find something interesting....

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Good luck with your job search... I know you'll find something very interesting. You know your stuff.

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