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God Rest Ye Merry GameDev Men (and women)

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WARNING: The following post contains poor humour, Christmas plans, and a ripped off idea. May also contain traces of nut.

Ah Christmas.

That magical time of year when our lady Martha Stewart came down from on high (or rose up from below, depending on which version of the story you believe) and showed Jesus how much better his coffee can be with a hint of cinnamon and walnut, and taught the 3 wise men the art of decorating the perfect tree. It was the start of an entire religion...

Well, its Christmas week and here I am sitting in work migrating anti-virus clients to a new server (checking them twice before I cross them off my list). Compared to others I've seen, my desk decorations are a bit sparse (a single light, and thats there all year round anyway). But I'm off for a week come 4 o'clock Friday, and I have been trying to get in the mood by helping myself to the tins of Christmas chocolates, and homemade (Subway bought) cookies. Its all failing miserably. Fairytale of New York has since been joined by Il Divo's wonderful version of "O Holy Night", though.

I have been working away on my projects, and not making as much progress as I would like.

I promise to have a bit about the general structure of the installer, and perhaps the installation builder, at the start of the New Year. As it stands, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the first three builds, so its really just a case of getting down to it. With a week ff over Christmas, I hope to be able to make a bit of a dent in at least the first version of the builder, if not the installer itself. Hopefully I'll be ready to give you a peek at the experimental version of the file format, open for critisism and ridicule suggestion. So far I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the layout, but I will need an idea of whether I am going the right way or not. Thats where you guys will come in.

I am also still going with the Firefox extensions, but am finding Gecko just a little more confusing that I had expected to. There are so many ways of doing everything (or so it looks), and its hard to descern whether or not I am on the right path all the time. I spent a week trying to figure one problem out, only to find I had been barking up the wrong tree all the time. Ah well, comes with the job I suppose.

So, others seem to have been posting what they're up to for Christmas, so I might as well join in.

I'll be staying home. Thats it so far. I have a couple of books that I would like to get through, as well as the usual playing with all my new toys, whatever they may be. And of course some college coursework to get done, and project work. If I can, I may see if I can find some time off to celebrate my 22nd birthday on Wednesday [wink] You have to love how relaxing Christmas is. With a bit of luck, I might also get to visit some friends who live out of town, but since I have only a week off before I have to go back to work, I might not be able to get the chance.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, fun filled Christmas (yes liberal America, I've been saying the "C-word") and that you all get what you want. Unless I make a short post between this and then (I don't intend to), I'll see you all again in 2006.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Brainfart of the Hour: What is BotH? Its a little ripoff of the After Blog Mint, created by Rory Blyth. Basically, its a dumping ground for ideas or thoughts that have crossed my mind of late that I haven't had the chance to expand on yet. They may or may not be developed into full journal posts, and may or may not be technical in nature. We'll see how it goes for a bit...
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