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After my grueling week of interviews, got a awesome job, a awesome little appartment in Liverpool, ... well, ain't life awesome!

I'm quite looking forward to the new year, things seem to be going my way for a change. Bike training going fine, and my bike-to-be is also secured. Thank you Santa! You're a pal!

Have a lovely Christmas all!
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Nope. Still having my sights set on that bike. Details...

It's a 1989 750VFR (not a RC30, it's the touring the model), the model with two singarms, and with 40,000 km on the clock. An old horse, but I know my cousin, it's well looked after, and it's been serviced and checked recently, new shocks, ect... Should be relatively cheap to insure, although I got online quotes of £4,000! :) But I think I'll get away with around £600.

that's the mono version.

that would be the one, but in red.

and a fanboy review

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Good to hear that it is going good.

Good luck with the riding and merry christmas and a happy new year to you!


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It's a great bike - just remember it's probably heavier than what you trained in, and a lot faster - be careful :)

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