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Part V of the EL Post Mortem was published today

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Enjoy the reading.

In other news, today I took a few mods and newbie helpers on the test server to test the random events. I made an admin command to set the specific random day and the value of the random day intensity (ie. the chances for the event to happen). I used huge values for that chance, because the basic idea is that they should happen all the time to make the testing easier.
Most of random days were fine, 3 needed some small fixes, and 1 needs some fix but I don't know yet what is wrong with it, so it has to wait until tomorrow. I hope we can get them to work by Xmas; players do like updates :)

Yesterday I came up with an idea to increase the health of the players (and possibly adjust the health and damage of the mosnters as well) to make the PvP system more strategic (right now you can kill someone is as little as 2 hits, if there is a considerable difference of skill and/or items).
I posted the idea on our forums and the majority seems to like it, even though there are a few players that object.
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I'm not a registered member of the EL forum, so I'd give you my thoughts here:

1) if will make big characters harder to kill, while lower level characters will still be rather easy to kill (you'll go from 2 hits to 3, not a big deal)

2) animals will be harder to kill at low level - unless I misunderstood you: do you want to rise the HP of monsters too? - and

Of course, going straight to pvp when you're a newbie is just plain stupid (tested and approved), so I guess point 1 is not really important [smile]


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I decided to give EL a spin after reading your journal.

Firstly I have great respect for you pulling something like this all together, it's very impressive.

I played through the entire tutorial and started the rose quartz quest. Here's my thoughts.

1. The camera angle is far too limiting especially when you're trying to find something. Can I zoom out more (about 3x I'd say)

2. The tutorial is generally good but takes far too long to complete. Have more shorter tutorials e.g. kill 4 rabbits and 4 beavers instead of 10. Then have one to reach a certain exp level (to top up) but at least the player can do it his/her way. e.g. more variety.

3. Long walking distances, where is the run option? For reference I used to run from Trinsic to Minoc in UO (about 30 minutes running) but didn't mind but on this it's far too slow :S

4. Looks like there's lots of stuff to do.

That's my first impression! It's fun but tedious too e.g. I would click where I want to go then alt-tab to gdnet and do some reading.

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The idea is that if we increase the HP of all the creatures, we can for example change the attributes of all the weapons and armors to make them more different. Right now, for example, there is like + damage difference between a noob sword and a semi noob sword. With a new system, we can have like 10 points difference.
Same for armors, potions, etc.

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The camera angle (but not the distance) can be changed by keeping the middle mouse button pressed and moving the mouse up and down. The distance can be changed by the scroll wheel, but the max distance is somewhat limited for bandwidth reasons and GPU reasons as well.
There is not a run option for the time being, but we do plan to implement one in the future. The distance being too long, well.. you need to have a big world :) Besides, there are shorcuts between places, spells to teleport you around maps, rings to teleport you around maps, etc.
Once you get more familiar with the game, you won't be bothered by the long distances.
And we plan to rewrite the tutorial, eventually.

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Sounds good!

I did figure out the camera thingy and thought it might be to limit visible geometry and objects ;) I noticed that you open sourced the client, could I modify a client to have a larger zoom range?

Keep up the good work.

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