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I thought I would use my first journal post (yay for my new GDNet+ account!) to announce a new project I've started -

VGUL - the Video Game Utility Library.

VGUL is targeted at the casual game developer whom wants a small,reliable, and robust code base containing classes and systems commonly required in game development, such as 3D/2D vectors, images, and colors.

VGUL isn't meant to compete with professionally built engines and libraries. It is meant to provide stable base code for a developer whom wants to start coding his/her game immediately, without having to write non-specific code that exists in nearly every game.

Currently the library is quite small, but development has been fast, so expect it to grow quickly.

You can download the MS VC .Net 2003 project here: Download

The library is written in C++, and is currently platform specific to Windows (32). The code was written with portability in mind, so I expect to release some Mac and Linux versions in the future.

The library makes use of namespaces where it can, and each file in the library has a name consisting of the contained class/system preceeded by the namespace it resides in. For example, a class called "Foo" in the "VGUL" namespace would be in a file named VGUL_Foo.h. A class called "Yo" in the "VGUL::Graphics" namespace would be in a file named VGUL_Graphics_Yo.h, and so on.

One main focus of mine for this project was documentation. I've documented every class as extensively as possible. All documentation is created with Doxygen.

Doxygen documentation is included in the zip - take a look at all the classes and namespaces in VGUL thus far.

I also suggest looking at the Example_ResourceManager project in the solution for a well commented example on how to use VGUL's resource manager.

If you have any constructive criticism to share, comments about the structure of classes/namespaces, corrections to documentation, or bugs to report, I'd be happy to hear them [smile].

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As another person who has just started a journal I welcome you and wish you luck.

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Thank you!
I like your icon, but I find it a little frightening. Isn't there something a little creepy about the moon being a giant face that's always smiling and always looking at you?

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Hehe, creeepy!??....not at all!'s just for xmas anyway, so it'll be back to usual soon enough [smile]

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