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Impressed with python

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I just started learning Python (knew the basics before, but forgot them), one thing I'm impressed with is the large values, I mean I just tried computing !20000 and it did without an error, you would need some custom data type in C++. Also it is so much easier to understand, one thing which annoys me though is the : after functions, if, elif, else, while and probably also the other loops and classes, but I haven't read about that yet.

Anyway I just wanted to say it is very easy to code, and the code is clean, 2 months ago I tried LISP (well AutoLISP, but probably the same syntax) and it looked like brainfuck, it just replaced half of the instructions with a combination of parantheses and it allowed variables.
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What are you plans for using Python? As a scripting language for a game, or to be used as for making the games? :)

It's definitely a fun language, but it's speed and practicality for gamedev prevented me from looking too closely at it.

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I just learned Python because everyone says it is a good language, so I just wanted to see what it was and if it really was good. I plan to use it for tools for my game, if it proves easier than C++. My game itself will be in C++ and I might use python for scripting in my game, but I have to do some research, to see if faster alternatives is available, first.

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