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Last journal entry for 2005

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So, this is hopefully the last journal entry for 2005 - I'm off home to see the family in a few hours. That time of year again...*

Whilst back home I almost certainly won't be using a computer - I need a break. I've been doing 10-18 hour days 7 days a week since the beginning of October. Probably a by-product of being ill last week, but I've realised just how immensely drained I've been lately - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

I suppose in summary 2005 has been an average year - started pretty badly, got better from the summer onwards (mainly due to this!). Definitely a year to remember for a few things I'm very proud of. I've managed to make GDNet my home in 2005 (~2600 posts in one year [oh]) - been registered for almost 6 years now, but I spent the first 4 lurking rather than posting.

Still, there are always targets that I've failed miserably at achieving [sad].

Looking forward we have 2006 to consider... The year at which I can finally get out of the education system (I graduate in the summer) and hopefully get a proper job (if anyone lets me have one).

Oh, and for those who like numbers and superstition - try this. My birthday is 6th of June (remember to send me a card!) and this coming year is obviously 2006. In short hand that'd be 06/06/06 or even shorter hand - 666, the number of the beast. [evil]

That's provided I can survive January - by clever design it's looking like it'll be one of the worst of the year, so good to get it out of the way early on. I've got 5 final year exams (worth 22.5% of my whole degree), 2 assessment centers (for jobs) and then F1CM should be kicking off at the end of the month (yes, I know I've said that before [rolleyes]). Oh, and hopefully me and Cypher might be getting together to work on some D3D10 material. Yay for being busy!

See you all next year!

Signing off for 2005..

*Not being subscribed to any particular religeon, it does seem a bit fake to be going home for Christmas. Guess thats the way it works though...
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Have a great non religious Christmas and a happy new year. However, if you start in with politics this year (666) or any sort of global domination plans... I'll have to assassinate you. [grin]

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