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GIMP Plugins

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Will F


Wrote my first plugin for the GIMP. Nothing exciting, just something that generates heightmaps. All I really have to say about the experience is that the documentation is rather sparse and there aren't many good tutorials (I suppose that is to be expected with sections of open source apps that not many people develop for). Maybe my problem was that I wrote it in C. Perhaps there's better docs for the other languages - it does appear that most of the existing plugins are written in Scheme.

Anyways, writing a plugin meant using GTK+, which is somewhat interesting. I think i'm going to play around with creating some apps with it. Right now i'm leaning toward the C++ interface, gtkmm. But since I would primarily use it for tools programming I also might take a look at using GtkSharp with Mono. Of course, that would mean learning C#, but since i'm comfortable with C++ I suspect the transition wouldn't be too difficult.

Anyways, my goal is to get a simple GTK app with OpenGL (using GtkGLExt) up and running.
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