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Up in Flames

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Things are still moving, despite the lack of updates. Bugs are being fixed, and new features added daily.

We now have a main menu system, and I switched the game engine to using the facets instead of the csv files in most instances. So now you can load a level, then switch levels, etc.

Today and yesterday I added a flame particle system. It was slow going, b/c I just wasn't feeling it, but managed to get an effect I'm satisfied, if not thrilled with. It's much better at runtime with the flickering light color and the sound.

To add a particle system, you create a trigger box in the editor, then give it the appropriate facets to make the engine realize that it's a particle system, what type, and how many particles to spawn. The extent of the particle movement is governed by the box scale, so to make a taller flame, just make a taller box, etc.

On the business side of things, the first team payments went out this week, which felt really good indeed to reward those who have put in so much creative energy into the project.

After a brief break of COD2 CTF, I'm going to add in some traps.
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The soft lightmap casted by the tree onto the walls looks really good.
Any wild guess on when we can expect a demo?

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