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Your library is looking very nice!

However, I have one question. Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding, but why did you not templatize the vector and color classes so you didn't have to rewrite them to accomodate different data types?

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Good question.

I thought of using templates for my basic types, but a few things stopped me:

* I don't want newbies to be scared of my library. This is probably a futile thing to attempt, but I'd still like to try [smile]. Templates tend to scare people whom are new to programming or C++.

* I wanted to keep my files more organized. Templates often need to be defined in the same place they are declared. I wanted my header files to be as clean and as small as possible - containing only class definitions and functions that absolutely had to be inlined.

* Some versions of basic types do things that others don't. There aren't as many mathematical operations on integer versions of basic types, for instance. I could just use inheritance for this, but if templates didn't scare the newbies, polymorphic ones sure would [lol]. Also, some operations on different types might screw up. Subtracting components of two Color4ubs might have drastically different results than subtracting components of two Color4fs - one might have negative values. This is something I can explicitly guard against if I keep classes separate.

* There would be a small loss of speed using templates, in that I would have to assume floating point values - maybe even doubles - for most mathematical operations on basic types. That would mean all my integer vectors and colors might incur a lot of implicit conversions.

All in all I probably could've used templates, but I just decided to play it safe and avoid them in this instance.

Thanks for the support!


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